Our Story

We are reinventing Crystal Fashion. 
Since ancient times and through human kind history, stones and crystals were worn and used by important healers, rulers and conjurers because of their belief in their positive energy and powers. Through the centuries, the power of stones and crystals has been proven countless times, becoming well-known for the energy they bring to our lives and the unique characteristics and powers every stone owns that can improve our abilities to face different situations.
At Cape Diablo, we are reinventing the way we carry and wear stones.
We are committed to create the most beautiful stone bracelets in the world, so that everyone of our customers can carry the power of stones at all times and face different life situations with the help of their positive energy, while not compromising on their style.
Our designs are fully handmade and made in-house, created especially for you.
Crystals changed our life, our way of seeing the world, and we want their incredible energy to reach everyone.